Underwater Videography Service

The team at Morning Dive combines our passion for being underwater with high-quality videography to provide our viewers with the ultimate underwater videography experience. If you enjoy underwater content — photography, videos, or other visuals — experience our creative visions through our underwater videography services.

Vlog My Shoot!

Do you want to take your shoot to the next level? You have come to the right place! Morning Dive specializes in capturing the full experience of your underwater shoot. From the time you show up, cameras are rolling! It’s important to us to capture all the special moments not just of the shoot but also how you feel during unprecedented moments above and underwater.


  • 2 hour photoshoot vlog
  • 5 retouched images 
  • 1 look/outfit
  • 1 person 
  • Modeling and breath coaching
  • Professional Interview
  • 1 BTS camera
  • Underwater video footage for YT and IG
  • RAW Images Delivered Digitally

Make Your Birthday A Big Splash!

Tired of the same old birthday party? Want to celebrate your new year with a new experience? Then look no further! Whether you want to do a Mermaid theme, a Rock N Roll theme or whatever is of interest to you, Morning Dive has you covered! Maybe it’s your 29th birthday “again” or forever 21 we will provide an experience for you and your guests that will be talked about through the years.
BIG Splash
  • 4 hour themed photoshoot 
  • 8 retouched images 
  • 1 theme/look/outfit
  • 4 people 
  • Modeling and breath coaching
  • Props (price could change depending on props)
  • Professional Interviews
  • 1 BTS camera
  • Underwater Video Footage for YT & IG
  • RAW Images Delivered Digitally

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Have Your Video or Vlog Professionally Edited!

Ok, you have the footage now what? Keeping your video and photo footage in your hard drive, collecting cyber dust is no place for an astounding video. Morning Dive uses cutting edge software and has a team of highly creative individuals to make your video stand out from the rest.


  • 1 minute video 
  • 3 day turnaround 
  • Audio enhancement
  • Assemble video & photo footage
  • Inputting sound to enhance footage (music, sound effects, etc) 
  • Dialogue
  • Color correction
  • Revisions 

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Unlimited Creativity

We believe in producing quality content, something our viewers haven’t seen before and that is unique and memorable. Underwater videography provides this for you by delivering something that is rarely seen anywhere else. We stand out from the crowd through unbridled creativity and mesmerizing videography thanks to the help and hard work of our dedicated and professional team.

We create and publish imaginative and unique underwater videography content every week for our followers and viewers to enjoy and be inspired by. We seek to entertain and educate through our authentic and powerful underwater videos and other unique content. Whatever we can imagine, we create. Every day we are committed to pushing the limits and creating something more mesmerizing and creative.

Skilled Techniques

Underwater videography requires skill and creativity. Mary Beteta is well-versed in the best practices and techniques required to create stunning videos and pictures. We’re always exploring new and exciting ways to capture better video and provide our viewers with more engaging and exciting content. With our help, you can experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see first-hand how we work, explore, and create.

To learn more about our process, be sure to check out www.youtube.com/c/MorningDiveMaryBeteta vlog, which documents the experience of those being filmed in our various underwater themes. Our goal is to provide those who are venturing into underwater videography with valuable information and tips that help create engaging and captivating content.

To learn more about who we are and we do, browse the videos on our website and YouTube or send us a message online. We look forward to teaching you more about the exciting world of underwater videography.