Underwater Photography in Orlando, FL

Whether you’re promoting your product or marking a special occasion, you want your photoshoot to result in something that is memorable, unique, and aesthetically pleasing. Accomplish all of these things with an underwater photoshoot with Morning Dive. Book your Orlando, FL, session today.

Aquatic Aesthetics

Underwater photography is distinct from normal photography in many ways. One of the biggest things that sets underwater photography apart is the fact that models have the ability to strike poses that they could not on dry land. You and the other people in your party will be able to utilize the gravity-defying physics of buoyancy to your advantage as you pose for the camera, creating one-of-a-kind images.

Underwater photoshoots also create an interesting atmosphere for your final images. We can help you showcase normal activities in a new context when we photograph you underwater. A typical activity in an atypical setting creates a contrast that is memorable and thought-provoking. Moreover, the unique lighting and shadows of underwater photography simply cannot be replicated on land.

At Morning Dive, all of our photography packages come with a 1-hour photoshoot, all of your RAW images, modeling and breath coaching, and various counts of print-ready, retouched images of your choice. Some packages even come with a makeup artist, costumes, and props.

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